Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Playing catch up...

Since we're starting this blog so late, I wanted to include some older pictures of Jack and the family for your viewing pleasure...

The family at Jack's FIRST Cardinals game...many more to come! (Summer 2008)
Happy Jack!

Jack doing the dishes...he loves his chores!

Jack and Mommy at Grant's farm (Summer 2008)

Jack and Daddy at Grant's Farm (Summer 2008)

Jack and Adelyn with each other's rattles...germ sharing!
Jack enjoying being naked (who doesn't?)!

Jack "posing" for all his fans...what muscles!

Hope you enjoy these updates! We're going to try to stay on track from this point on...so you can follow along to watch what's going on in Jack's life while it's happening! (What a concept!)

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Peg and Tom said...

Jen and Jim, what a great idea to have this blog!! I love the pictures and the comments. This is the best way for those of us out of town to stay up-to-date with your family. I love the new house. Hope it works out for all of you. Aunt Peg and Uncle Tom