Friday, December 16, 2011

the best nativity scene i'll ever have.

We have a nice nativity scene that was given to us as a gift on our wedding. It is lovely, and nice...and breakable, thus making me a nervous wreck about protecting it. Last year, while setting up the tree, Jack played with Jesus, Mary, Joseph, et al. as if they were superheros. It was fairly endearing.

However, this year, Jack made us the very best nativity scene...complete with a peanut for baby Jesus!! And I could not love it more. It took center stage on our mantel and I cannot stop staring at it. As I was setting it up, Jack was correcting my placement choices, to make it just right. Oh the watchful eye of an artist.

This year, he can actually act out the story of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. His favorite part is when the "mean innkeeper" tells them "No room here!" (He says this very emphatically.)

I will display this, my favorite nativity scene, every Christmas from here on out. Just as my Dad still uses an angel I made out of a paper plate as his tree topper...every year.

Not pictured, the shepard. Also, the Elf on the Shelf loved Jack's work so much that he decided to become an actor in the scene...just for one night.

I'm SO ready for Christmas. Well, not really, I have odds and ends to wrap up, but I'm beyond excited for the kids' Christmas morning...and Jack's 4th birthday.

Last night I asked what he wanted from Mommy and Daddy for his birthday (because he's been telling us what he wants Santa to bring for Christmas, but Mom and Dad need a list too!), and he said, "I want a kitchen set so I can play with Lila." No joke. He has no idea that Santa's elves have been working hard to make them a cute little kitchen! It made my night.

He's such a good big brother. Except for when he gets a little TOO excited about chasing her or dancing with her and picking her up, and she ends up falling or smooshed. In all honesty, Jack is always more upset than Liley is when he bumps her. He'll be laying on the floor, crying and Lila looks at me like, "What's his problem?!".

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